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We're back Baby!

Covid restrictions were rough and it was heartbreaking to work with so many couples who had their dream weddings cancelled. While it was stressful to plan, replan and plan again for so many weddings and events, it was so rewarding to see people gather and celebrate in whatever form it became.

This summer is shaping up to be challenging as well. We appreciate the patience of all of the lovely brides who have contacted us for information and quotes. It has been a constant game of catch up!

We have recently worked to grow our inventory to ensure that we have great options to offer. Not everything is on our website. Whether you are looking for something specific or would like a general phone consultation to discuss your event plans and see what we offer, please reach out. While we are not scheduling viewing appointments at this time due to time and space constraints, it is amazing what can be accomplished with a few phone calls, emails and photos.

Sending a little inspo photo courtesy of Selah Reflections!

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