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Frequently Asked Questions

Stagecoach provides vintage decor to transform your space.


Why should I rent?

Planning a wedding or large event is exciting and a lot of fun.  It can also be overwhelming and full of countless details. While it goes without saying that most people need to work within a budget, what often gets overlooked is the need to manage time. We help with both. Beautiful vintage décor, furniture and accents are a significant investment. Finding just the right pieces is a not always easy, involving miles and hours of hunting. We've been told by several brides that they weren't always happy with the items they amassed for their wedding as their day approached, resulting in wasted money and effort. We make it easy.  Browse our website. Choose your favorite pieces. Ask for fresh, new ideas on how to put together the look you are going for. We're here to help! Arrange for pick up and return that suits your schedule or have us deliver, set up and retrieve so that you can focus on enjoying your day! 

When should I rent?

Many of our unique pieces book up to two years in advance. As many pieces require our delivery and we are not a large rental company, the earlier that items are booked will help ensure not only the item availability, but our ability to provide delivery service. 

How do I rent items from Stagecoach?

It's very simple! If you know what you would like, email us with a list of items that interest you. For a quicker reply, please do not leave out the event date, location and approximate number of guests (if relevant to the quote). Also specify the duration of time that you would like the items or the duration that you will have access to the venue, so that we can assess the availability of delivery. As we offer package pricing, it is best to provide your complete wishlist. You may be surprised at the cost savings of having smaller detail-type items added. Not to mention many of these little things will help bring your event uniquely to life.  While we endeavor to reply to emails as quick as possible, during peak season a response may take 5-7 days. 

Once we confirm availability, we will create a quote for you. All items are rented on a first come/first serve basis. If you would like to reserve your items, a 50% security deposit is required. 25% is non-refundable. The other 25% is fully refundable (up to 90 day before the event). The balance is due a week before the event. That's it! You can sign and pay all online. 

How can I achieve the look I am envisioning for my event by incorporating your rental items?

Book a phone or in-person consultation. A viewing appointment may also be scheduled to see our wide variety of rustic, vintage and antique items. We are excited to hear your ideas and share ours. We especially love working with couples who want to add some distinctive décor pieces to their wedding. Ask about having custom signs made to add a personal touch and lasting keepsake. We provide “staging services” for select weddings to help take the worry away that décor items will not be properly placed or moved as expected between ceremony and reception location. Also, we’ll help you find ways to reuse décor pieces throughout the day, so that you get greater value in your rental items.

Do I need to make an appointment to visit your showroom?

Our showroom is available by appointment only. Up to one hour viewing appointments are scheduled. The first appointment is complementary. Repeat appointments or requests to meet at your event venue may be accommodated with charge. To schedule an appointment, please make a request on the contact page or email


Is your complete inventory shown on your website? 

No, not at all! We have a warehouse full! Our collection is ever-evolving and constantly growing. Looking for something specific? You might be surprised to know that we have it. We also enjoy a hunt for just the right unique items. 

I know what I want. Can I order on-line?

Please send us your wishlist. We will get back to you with availability before your order is secured with a deposit. We do our best to provide the best price we can by offering off-season and early booking discounts. Package pricing is offered, so it is best to contact us with your wishlist for an accurate quote.

Do you have a minimum rental?

We do not have a minimum order for pick-up orders and a $200 minimum rental is required for the option of local delivery service. 

What is the delivery fee?

The delivery fee varies according to location and size of order. We require a minimum 4 hr window for allotted arrival time for each delivery and pickup. If a more specific time is required, a surcharge is added. A surcharge is also added to the base delivery fee for delivery or pickup between 11pm and 9 am. A waiting fee will be assessed for orders not ready for pickup or venues not accessible when your driver arrives. 

Do you offer delivery outside of the Edmonton area?

We offer delivery service outside of the greater Edmonton area for orders starting at $750 (for locations 1 hr out of Edmonton, larger orders are required for further distances). Delivery is charged on per km basis, with a wait fee or overnight surcharge added when applicable. The minimum rental order varies according to location. Please inquire for more information.

I have a truck, can I transport the items myself?

We want to ensure that the items are available in good condition for the next event, just as we made every effort to have them looking great for you. You can pick up small pieces and some furniture from our warehouse. With only the exception of wine barrels, no open back trucks will be accepted for pick up of large items.  Many of our large items are difficult to transport and set up and this ensures that the items are not damaged.  Our vintage pieces are one-of-a-kind and not easily repaired or replaced. 

For pickup orders, please plan appropriately to ensure that you have adequate space available within your vehicle to safely transport our items. Ask for measurements in advance. While we are happy to assist with loading our rental items, we will charge for our time when configuring the placement of our rentals into a vehicle takes a considerable amount of time and energy. At the time of pickup, if we feel that an item may be improperly transported and risk damage in the process, we will refuse supply of the item.

What happens if something breaks, gets damaged or lost?

A damage deposit is required for each item rented. The specifics are outlined in our rental agreement.


How do I secure my event date?

To secure the rental a security deposit is required. Availability is not guaranteed until the security deposit is received, as most of our items are one-of-a-kind and have limited availability.

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